Internet of Things (IoT) Patterns, Mechanisms, Layers, Metrics


Internet of Things (IoT) Patterns, Mechanisms, Layers and Metrics

This resource catalog is published by Arcitura Education in support of the IoT Architect Certification program. These pattern, mechanism, architectural layer and metric descriptions were developed for official IoT Architecture courses. (Note that this site is still undergoing improvements. Please provide feedback or report issues to ).

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    • Architectural Layers
      • Audit Monitor
      • Telemetry Device Layer
      • Intermediary Gateway Layer
      • Intermediary Platform Layer
      • Client Application Layer
    • Mechanisms
    • Fundamental Functional Distribution Patterns
      • Non-Controlling Sensor Device
      • Autonomous Controlling Device
      • Intermediary Controlling
      • Multi-Gateway Intermediary Controlling
      • Recipient Device Controlling
    • Performance Optimization Patterns
      • Observe Messaging
      • Reconnection Request Regulation
      • Transport Quality Traffic Profile
      • Device Workload Regulation
    • Security and Reliability Patterns
      • Radio Transport Encryption
      • Firmware Integrity Attestation
      • Message Bookkeeping
    • Utility Patterns
      • Network-Based Positioning
      • Multimode Communication