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Canonical Schema Bus (Utschig, Maier, Trops, Normann, Winterberg, Erl)

Co-existent application of Enterprise Service Bus, Decoupled Contract, Contract Centralization, and Canonical Schema.

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Data-Related SOA Design Patterns

Three Specialized SOA Design Pattern

While Enterprise Service Bus provides a range of messaging-centric functions that help establish connectivity between different services and between services and resources they are required to encapsulate, it does not inherently enforce or advocate standardization.

Building upon the platform established by Enterprise Service Bus, this pattern positions entry points into the logic, data, and functions offered via the service bus environment as independently standardized service contracts.

Canonical Schema Bus

Canonical Schema Bus is comprised of the co-existent application of Canonical Schema, Contract Centralization, Decoupled Contract, Enterprise Service Bus

Canonical Schema Bus

This pattern is covered in SOACP Module 7: Advanced SOA Design & Architecture with Services & Microservices.

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