Additional Considerations

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Additional Considerations

  • Customizing Service Profiles – What we’ve established so far is fundamental profile documentation. Organizations are encouraged to customize and extend this to whatever extent required.
  • Service Profiles and Service Registries – Much of the information assembled into service profiles will form the basis for service registry records. Depending on whether a service registry exists within an organization at the time the profile is being defined, it is advisable to become familiar with the registry product’s record format. This will allow you to better align the service profile template with how the profile information may need to be represented within the service registry.
  • Service Profiles and Service Catalogs – The structure of a service profile is ideally standardized so that different project teams consistently document the services they deliver. As more service profiles are created, they can be assembled into a service catalog. A service catalog is essentially a documentation of the services within a service inventory (much the same way a product catalog may describe the inventory of items a company may have in its warehouse). If an organization is creating multiple domain service inventories, each with its own design standards and governance processes, then service profile structures may vary. Therefore, a separate service catalog is generally created for each service inventory.


Service profiles were first introduced in the book SOA Principles of Service Design.