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Uniform Contract (Balasubramanian, Webber, Erl, Booth)

Uniform Contract is a compound pattern comprised of the combined application of Entity Linking, Lightweight Endpoint, Reusable Contract.

Uniform Contract

Uniform Contract is considered a variation of Reusable Contract that is applied to all services within a given boundary (usually a service inventory). This compound pattern further requires that service functions are broken down into individual granular resources, as per Lightweight Endpoint. It further enables links from one resource to another. Links are followed by service consumers to invoke the capabilities of each resource without foreknowledge of the service that exposes them, as per Entity Linking.

Uniform Contract

This page contains excerpts from:

SOA with REST: Principles, Patterns & Constraints

by Raj Balasubramanian, Benjamin Carlyle, Thomas Erl, Cesare Pautasso

(ISBN: 0137012510, Hardcover, 400+ pages)

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