Node Task Abstraction

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Node Task Abstraction

How can runtime tasks with special processing requirements be assigned to suitable nodes?


Assigning certain processing tasks to unsuitable or incapable nodes can result in those tasks not being carried out correctly or failing altogether.


Based on common task processing requirements, categories are defined to establish node types most capable of fulfilling those requirements.


When the blockchain application is designed, individual processing requirements and common tasks are identified and logic is programmed to target nodes that fulfill corresponding criteria for the fulfillment of the tasks.


Block Maker, Chaining Engine, Consensus Processor









The nodes are categorized into different types. The three consensus-related tasks that need to be carried out are individually assigned to nodes that fulfil the criteria associated with a node type. Some nodes perform all of the actions whereas others can only perform a few of them.

Module 12: Fundamental Service API Design & Management

This pattern is covered in Blockchain Module 2: Blockchain Technology & Architecture.

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