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Data Governance Manager (Erl, Khattak)

A data governance manager supports a range of data management functions in support of regulatory compliance, risk management and establishing of data lineage.

A data governance manager provides information on:

    • where the dataset resides
    • who the data owner/steward is
    • what the format of the data is in
    • when the dataset was acquired
    • the source of the dataset
    • data expiry dates (if any)
    • data schema information via metadata search
    • a lineage viewer for establishing provenance

The data governance manager allows for:

    • the authoring of data retention and eviction policies
    • the establishment of data security policies that specify the conditions under which encryption is applied to a dataset or specific fields of a dataset
    • the creation of data policies that establish disaster recovery management procedures

Furthermore, a data governance manager can provide information on the level of trust and sensitivity of data. This information includes whether or not the data can be stored in a cloud environment, as well as any geographical limitations for data persistence.

Module 12: Fundamental Service API Design & Management

This pattern is covered in Machine  Learning Module 1: Fundamentals Machine  Learning.

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