Non-Controlling Sensor Device

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Non-Controlling Sensor Device

How can sensor readings be automatically collected and shared in an efficient and cost-effective manner?


Information about physical stimuli may be required by systems residing in completely different locations. Without a means of communicating this information, the systems cannot receive and process it.


A wireless sensor can be deployed to gather and convert data about physical stimuli so that it can be transmitted to receiving systems.


A wireless sensor is deployed, capable of transducing physical stimuli into digital telemetry data that is transmitted via a modem.


IoT Platform, Modem, Publish-Subscribe System, Sensor












The Non-Controlling Sensor Device pattern establishes the unidirectional flow of telemetry data to subscribed recipient client applications. (The orange arrows indicate telemetry data communication.)

Module 12: Fundamental Service API Design & Management

This pattern is covered in IoT Module 2: IoT Technology and Architecture.

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