Multi-Channel Endpoint

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Multi-Channel Endpoint

How can service logic for different delivery channels be centrally consolidated?

Services and systems custom-built for specific delivery channels (mobile phone, desktop, kiosk, etc.) can result in the introduction of logic and processing redundancy, thereby making this logic burdensome to govern. With the application of the Multi-Channel Endpoint pattern, intermediary processing is introduced to decouple underlying services and systems from service consumers using different delivery channels. In some cases, a dedicated multi-channel service can be used, whereas in other cases, the pattern can be applied via the use of an API gateway.










The API gateway provides a dedicated service API for each delivery channel. Façade logic is used to process and convert message contents that are then sent to the core service logic, which determines which backend service or system to route each message to..

Module 12: Fundamental Service API Design & Management

This pattern is covered in Module 12: Fundamental Service API Design & Management..

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