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Containerization (Stoffers)

How can an environment be provided with maximum support for services with high-performance recovery and scalability requirements?



Services deployed on bare metal or virtual servers can impose a significant footprint. Virtualization improves portability but introduces a layer of intermediate processing that can further increase the footprint. Monolithic solution deployments can lead to widespread reduced performance and availability when any one service or solution component suffers an outage or a runtime exception.


Services are deployed independently, or together with composed services, as autonomous units that are packaged into independently manageable and autonomous container images, each of which includes the services’ underlying system dependencies. Tooling is provided to manage the building, deploying and operating of the containers.


A container management system or container engine is used for the deployment and operation of containers.


The utilization of containerization technology can impose additional infrastructure requirements, as well as associated increases in the administration overhead of the service architecture.


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