Service Deployment and Maintenance

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Service Deployment and Maintenance

Service Deployment and Maintenance

Service deployment represents the actual implementation of a service into the production environment. This stage can involve numerous inter-dependent parts of the underlying service architecture and supporting infrastructure, such as:

  • distributed components
  • Web service contract documents
  • middleware (such as ESB and orchestration platforms)
  • cloud service implementation considerations
  • cloud-based IT resources encompassed by an on-premise or cloud-based service
  • custom service agents and intermediaries
  • system agents and processors
  • cloud-based service agents, such as automated scaling listeners and pay-for-use monitors
  • on-demand and dynamic scaling and billing configurations
  • proprietary runtime platform extensions
  • administration and monitoring products

Service maintenance refers to upgrades or changes that need to be made to the deployment environment, either as part of the initial implementation or subsequently. It does not pertain to changes that need to be made to the service contract or the service logic, nor does it relate to any changes that need to be made as part of the environment that would constitute a new version of the service.