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Additional Roles

The NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture defines the following supplementary roles:

  • Cloud Auditor – A third-party (often accredited) that conducts independent assessments of cloud environments assumes the role of the cloud auditor. The typical responsibilities associated with this role include the evaluation of security controls, privacy impacts, and performance. The main purpose of the cloud auditor role is to provide an unbiased assessment (and possible endorsement) of a cloud environment to help strengthen the trust relationship between cloud consumers and cloud providers.
  • Cloud Broker – This role is assumed by a party that assumes the responsibility of managing and negotiating the usage of cloud services between cloud consumers and cloud providers. Mediation services provided by cloud brokers include service intermediation, aggregation, and arbitrage.
  • Cloud Carrier – The party responsible for providing the wire-level connectivity between cloud consumers and cloud providers assumes the role of the cloud carrier. This role is often assumed by network and telecommunication providers.

While each is legitimate, most architectural scenarios covered in this book do not include these roles.