Service API Patterns, Metrics



Service API Design & Management Patterns and Metrics

This design patterns catalog is scheduled to be published soon by Arcitura Education in support of the Service API Specialist Certification program. These patterns are currently being developed for official Service API design & management courses. Please connect to Arcitura’s social media channels to be automatically notified of when these patterns are published:

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    • Service API Design Patterns
      • Canonical Protocol
      • Canonical Schema
      • Concurrent Service APIs
      • Dual Protocols
      • Entity Linking
      • Legacy Wrapper
      • Lightweight Endpoint
      • Messaging Metadata
      • Schema Centralization
      • Service API Denormalization
      • Service Mesh
      • State Messaging
    • Service API Versioning Patterns
      • Canonical Versioning
      • Termination Notification
      • Version Identification
    • Service API Management Metrics
      • API Availability
      • API Call Origins
      • API Demand
      • API Failure Rate
      • API First Bytes
      • API Latency
      • API Pass Rate