Dimensionality Reduction

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Dimensionality Reduction

How can the dimensionality of a dataset be reduced so that the reduced feature space does not lose its intrinsic characteristics?


The use of a dataset comprised of a multi-dimensional feature space for neural network training and subsequent prediction not only requires excessive processing and memory resources, but also takes a long time.


The input feature space is converted into a smaller feature space by learning a compressed representation of the input feature space.


The input dataset is compressed into a smaller dataset through the use of an AutoEncoder neural network.












A data scientist prepares a dataset comprised of a large number of features (1). The dataset is then used to train a neural network (2, 3). The resulting network takes longer to train and carry out predictions, and requires increased computing resources and memory (4).

Module 12: Fundamental Service API Design & Management

This pattern is covered in Artificial Intelligence Module 2: Advanced Artificial Intelligence.

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