Cloud Delivery Models

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Cloud Delivery Models

A cloud delivery model represents a specific, pre-packaged combination of IT resources offered by a cloud provider. Three common cloud delivery models have become widely established and formalized:

These three models are interrelated in how the scope of one can encompass that of another, as explored in the Combining Cloud Delivery Models section later in this chapter.


Many specialized variations of the three base cloud delivery models have emerged, each comprised of a distinct combination of IT resources. Some examples include:

  • Storage-as-a-Service
  • Database-as-a-Service
  • Security-as-a-Service
  • Communication-as-a-Service
  • Integration-as-a-Service
  • Testing-as-a-Service
  • Process-as-a-Service

Note also that a cloud delivery model can be referred to as a cloud service delivery model because each model is classified as a different type of cloud service offering.

This section covers the following topics: